Quote of the Moment
"All really great things happen in slow and inconspicuous ways." Leo Tolstoy

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Short on time, short on blogging.

Things at the moment are difficult.

That is to say, I, having a degree but no real experience and skills that are easily bullet-pointed for the use of a CV, am taking all available time with the scruff of the neck and forcing it within that time-sink of a task that is called 'Job Hunting'.

So now, along side this is my thankless, 11+ hour a day job at Alton Towers and you have a recipe for despair.


...Then I can start blogging again and the world will be righted.

After all has said and done though, everyone else has been submitting their goodness with much abandon. So please find below some links to enjoyable articles.


International Relations isn't Millband's forte apparently, says John Redwood MP. I tend to agree.


The Devil's Kitchen makes use of an interesting post about class divide and how it effects the expectations of children to take a jab at old grizzled fanny herself, Polly Toynbee. Much more interesting and coherent than I just made it sound!

Monday, 18 August 2008

The State of Labour

Here is a 'light' frisking' of an article by Yvette Cooper by Ian Dale. Cooper's comments basically seem to be an attack on David Cameron and his policies especially with relation to the economy. It is all standard fare, Ian Dales frisk is pretty much what you would expect, what is more interesting is the initial article. And though I am sure that Ian saw this he never mentioned it.

The prime minister and chancellor have said we must do more to help families and businesses, building on the financial stability measures and £4bn tax cuts this year, and we will.
But who is asking questions about the Conservatives? Their leader hopes to distract us with frisbees and photo ops. But a serious look at his policies reveals an approach that would be deeply damaging for our economy. Over the next few months, we in the Labour party must expose the risks and contradictions at the heart of Cameronomics.

We will do this, their policies are this. Is it me or is the language betraying a party who already see themselves loosing the next election and already as a government in waiting?

If so, then who is running the UK? ...The SNP for the largest governed part is my answer. Ahem.