Quote of the Moment
"All really great things happen in slow and inconspicuous ways." Leo Tolstoy

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My dear reader(s)


[delayed by ~12 hours… Parts may be out of date]

…Yes, there is a possible plural in the title because I have found that at least two separate individuals have been spying on me/reading this blog and for the shame of it I have had little for them to read of worth.

Either way I suppose I should attempt to write things in here once again on some sort of basis which is sustained.

Recently it looks like I may be about to dip my toes into the world of marketing. Which again apparently I can do well enough to be equal to well paid individuals in design groups (even if I can’t create pages with curvy lines).

But to obtain that sort of greatness I have had to use the skills of those around me; one friend of a friend, and my brother. Other than the fact that I am massively grateful for the help they have given, I have mixed feelings.

Am I a fraud for the fact that I have very little in the way of practical skills and made use of their abilities and hard fought knowledge in Photoshop and HTML? Or have I simply used my initiative and made use of the resources available to me?

Obviously I hope its the latter, but fear the former. Either way I need to stay positive as I am pitching the results tomorrow to someone who may be able to advance my life and career to ‘the next stage’…. Or whatever!



Monday, 4 May 2009

Test blog using iphone

As the title says. I have a post ready on laptop but the wonderful interwebs will just have to wait till I get home before it can be posted; rail replacement bus services shamefully don't have wifi. Pfft