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Monday, 24 January 2011

The right way: Bretton-woods

The right way: Bretton-woods: "In short the Bretton woods conference enabled the high tax economies of the west by preventing capital from moving elsewhere and thus preventing international capital competition and we are posed with the funding of the same welfare state (enlarged due to increased population and technology) after a economics crash and in a world of free capital."

Friday, 21 January 2011

Dizzy Thinks: The Worldly Experience of the Shadow Cabinet

Dizzy Thinks: The Worldly Experience of the Shadow Cabinet
Should anyone be interested, or perhaps wondering if Richard Littlejohn's description of the Shadow Cabinet, in the wake of Alan Johnson going, are now just "a bunch of weirdos who’ve never had a proper job in their lives", here's the run down of their worldly experience.
Ed Miliband - Wonk/SpAd
Harriet Harman - Political campaign lawyer
Ed Balls - Leader writer (4 years), SpAd
Douglas Alexander - Solicitor(six months)
Yvette Cooper - Journalist (2 years)
Sadiq Khan - Political campaign lawyer
Jim Murphy - Student politics
John Denham - Student politics, political advocacy.
Liam Byrne - Merchant Bank (Rothchilds), Accenture consultant
John Healey - Trade Unions
Andy Burnham - SpAd
Caroline Flint - Local Government
Maria Eagle - Solicitor
Meg Hillier - Journalist (not for long)
Mary Creagh - Charity work
Shaun Woodward - BBC researcher/producer doing crap telly.
Ann McKechin - Solicitor (7 years)
Peter Hain - Trade Union researcher
Ivan Lewis - Voluntary sector campaigner
Tessa Jowell - Social worker and administrator for a charity.
Angela Eagle - Trade Union
Baroness Royall of Blaisdon - SpAd
Rosie Winterton - SpAd, lobbyist
Hilary Benn - Trade Union
Lord Bassam of Brighton - Social worker, professional squatter
Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC - Political campaign lawyer
Tony Lloyd - Lecturer (2 years), MP for 28 years

Something I have been saying for years. Labour do NOT understand the real world. What its like to earn a wage doing real work supporting the British economy or the community around us. How can you vote for people like this? I can't.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Dizzy Thinks: The morons are back, this time with #savethenhs

Dizzy Thinks: The morons are back, this time with #savethenhs

A perfect example of the Left's hypocrisy.

"Yes children, that's right! We are now through the wonderful looking glass where the Opposition denounce policies based entirely on their own policies of the last decade because it's Tories implementing them.

Is it anyone wonder so many people think politics is a load of bollocks when this sort of intellectually vacuous and fluid position changes is so prevalent for all sane people to see?"

Well, I have some thoughts on that final point. But I think its something I will save for another time....