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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Post #1

Yes indeed, this is a new and brand spanking (to coin an overused phrase) blog. I hope you like it.

As always, I have a plan. And the plan for this blog comes from a realization that I am 100% failing on the employability front. Not only have I not got any of the experience needed to get into any field of work I actually wish to commit my life to, but my last blog - Special/Blown it - even though it has a good body of work within it fails to be something that can be used to enhance a CV or show to a prospective employer.

For those who may be reading this from such a position, please take most of what is written there with a pinch of salt; it is largely uncensored rantings and I only include the comment here in the aim to show that I have some experience within the blogging world, even if that is marginal.

Anyway, to be clear. This blog has two aims.

  1. To create a body of work based upon comment and rantings which can be something I can be proud of and use in the promotion of me to any future job hunting activities.
  2. Continue to develop my grasp of the English language. To push myself and my ability to create entertaining, informative prose.
I doubt that this will be of interest to anyone but me, and the sorry soul who takes an interest in me and my activities. That being said, I wish to encourage comment and responses to any of the inane ramblings which may be found within this blog.

Wonderful. Now all thats sorted time to get some more tea.

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