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"All really great things happen in slow and inconspicuous ways." Leo Tolstoy

Monday, 2 June 2008

Two simple points.

1) 2/5ths of the wages of an average earner in the UK is taken by direct tax.
2) It takes 155 days of work to pay this off.

Taken from Guido via the Adam Smith Institute these points seemed shocking (in a bleary post-4am drinking + geek session on WoW... Don't judge!) Today is Tax Freedom Day(!), a day to instead of celebrating we should lament and feel a well of anger rise up for it is our government which squanders all of that money in useless and disastrous ways; imagine how many days would have been wiped off this total if, for example, we didn't go to war in Iraq?

And as Guido points out, in many ways we are much much worse off than the Surfs in feudal times who had to work no more than 40 days for their lord and master... And they say we are free.
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