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Friday, 20 August 2010

Edinburgh Fringe


Well this hasn't happened for a while. But I did say that I may have a look and write a new blog about my 6 days in Edinburgh for the fringe so here goes.

I'm exceedingly hungover. Not exactly something that is unusual for me. But that is the case, so I may fail a words. Just so you know.

The excuse for this little excursion to the north is the Edinburgh fringe. That is a mass of flyering, crowds, bizarre people standing exceedingly still.... and seagulls.

No wait, its all about the ARTS!

Lots of comedy, plays, and other such activities by people exceedingly more talented than me. So far - and this list is as full as my memory allows - Babba Brinkmans' Rap Guide to Human Nature... Which was very good, though he did seem to have a fixation on ovulation. Political Animal by Andy Zaltzman... Late night (started at midnight) comedy with multiple comedians with a supposed political spin. I say supposed, as it seemed like only Andy Zaltzman as compare had any truly political material. A rendition from a group of far-too-pretty actors of 'A Clockwork Orange'. And finally (in this incomplete list) Adam Vincent, a very entertaining comedian... Only problem being that in the small room that the performance was contained it was too hot, and his voice too... relaxing to result in any amount of excessive laughter.

Right, this is going to be much shorter than I had planned. I seem to be crashing on this couch and need less coffee and more sleep... :-/

Will try and get back on here for more [DEEP DRAMATIC VOICE] Adventures in Edinburgh!!
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