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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cartoon greatness!

Click the image to see it in its entirety.

I hope that Anne - the creator... nay, CREATOR - of this cartoon doesn't mind that I am recreating her works here, but there goes. If you want some witty entertainment you can't go far wrong than keep an eye out for Anne Pritchard's work. Often culturally poignant always intricate and well drawn. She can be found at two locations.

1) The Replicated Type-o - http://www.replicatedtypo.com/
A perfect example of further cartoonship is found at this link which also demonstrates the slightly impenetrable linguistic discussion that go on at this site.

2) The Demise of Humanity - http://www.demiseofhumanity.com/
From which the link above is found, which as far as I can tell at this stage is an atheist blog for peope who like to moan thoughtfully. I.e. a great place to intellectually troll (at least thats what I'm probably going to attempt)!
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