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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Library of European Civilisation

This is something of a silly project for me. I recently read a book called 'The World of Late Antiquity: AD 150 to 750' by Peter Brown which I greatly enjoyed. On the corner of this book was mentioned that this was part of a series of books called the 'Library of European Civilisation'. I did a little research to this so called 'Library' and found that there was no obvious list of other books in along side this one. I in turn contacted the publisher - Thames & Hudson - who responded with an extensive list of ISBN numbers without title or context.

This situation cannot last.

My project is to complete the list. To give context to those jumbles of numbers and to see if there is more I can learn from this 'Library of European Civilisation'. Most links are to amazon.co.uk for my own convenience and to save time, an alternative location to get many of the books would also be abebooks.com. In the end there were a few books that were not apart of the 'Library of European Civilisation', these have been included at the bottom under their correct headings.


Library of European Civilisation

0500330069 - The Ancien Regime by C.B.A. BEHRENS
0500290113 - Ancient Greek Literature in Its Living Context by H.C. Baldry
0500330271 - The Austrian Achievement, 1700-1800 by Wangermann, Ernst
0500330050 - Byzantium and Europe by Speros Vryonis
0500290067 - Civilizations of the Indus Valley and Beyond by Sir Mortimer Wheeler
0500320357 - Conservatism in Europe, 1770-1945: Traditionalism, Reaction, and Counter-Revolution by John Weiss
0500320128 - The Counter Reformation by A. G. Dickens
0500330247 - Dutch in the Seventeenth Century by K.H.D. Haley
0500280016 - Doesn't exist apparently. - Help appreciated.
0500330182 - Eastern and Western Europe in the Middle Ages by K. Bosl
0500330212 - Economic Development of Mediaeval Europe by R-.H. Bautier
050033014X - Europe in the Age of Imperialism, 1880-1914 - Heinz Gollwitzer (Author), G. Adam (Translator)
0500330166 - Europe in the Age of Louis XIV - Ragnhild Marie Hatton
050033031X - European Economic Integration, 1815-1970 by Sidney Pollard
0500330190 - European Renaissance Since 1945 - Maurice Crouzet
0500320098 - Fifteenth Century by Margaret Aston (19 Feb 1968)
0500330158 - The First European Revolution, 1776-1815 by Norman Hampson (29 Sep 1969)
0500330042 - From Sarajevo to Potsdam by A.J.P. Taylor (31 Oct 1966)
0500330301 - The Greek Experiment: Imperialism and Social Conflict, 800-400 B.C. by Robert J. Littman (28 Jan 1974)
0500330298 - Heritage of Hellenism by John Ferguson (29 Jan 1973)
0500330204 - Imperial Age of Venice  by David Chambers (23 Nov 1970)
0500330131 - Industrialization of Europe, 1780-1914 by W.O. Henderson (Apr 1969)
0500330344 - Land Question and European Society by Frank E. Huggett (28 Jul 1975)
0500330328 - Liberal Europe: Age of Bourgeois Realism, 1848-75 by W.E. Mosse (8 Jul 1974)
0500330239 - Making of Mediaeval Spain by Gabriel Jackson (Jan 1972)
050032011X - Mediaeval Papacy by Geoffrey Barraclough (28 Oct 1968)
0500330107 - Ottoman Impact on Europe by P. Coles (Jun 1968)
0500330336 - Parliaments and Estates in Europe to 1789 by A.R. Myers (8 Sep 1975)
0500330026 - Reformation and Society in Sixteenth Century Europe by A.G. Dickens (Paperback - Apr 1966)
0500330018 - The Rise Of Christian Europe by Hugh Trevor-Roper (Paperback - 24 Jan 1966)
0500330077 - Romanticism and Revolt: Europe, 1815-48 by J.L. Talmon (Jun 1967)
050033028X - Russia and Europe by R. Wittram (12 Mar 1973)
0500330263 - Science and Society in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries by Alan G. R. Smith (23 Oct 1972)
0500330085 - Soviet Achievement by John Peter Nettl (Oct 1967)
0500330174 - Twelfth Century Renaissance by Christopher Brooke (2 Mar 1970)
0500330255 - The United States and Europe: Rivals and Partners by Max Silberschmidt and J.Maxwell Brownjohn (14 Aug 1972)

Library of Great Painters

0500091331 - Constable by  John A. Walker

Library of Early Civilizations

0500290059 - Early Civilization in China by William Watson
050028010X - Early Highland Peoples of Anatolia by Seton Lloyd
050029013X - Warring States of Greece by A.R. Burn (Jan 1969)
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