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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Quick Post: Ads

Dear one and all!

I am a poor decrepit soul, and I needs the monies. In the endeavour to get the monies I have enabled ads on this site. I would be very appreciative if you gave them your full attention and, if relevant to you, please click!

Unfortunately there is a problem that Google seems to focus on your location when determining what language the ads should be in. This sort of issue regarding language being driven by location is a frustration within Google in general, but with regards to ads it is a critical problem. I am investigating the issue with Google to see if there is a solution. But please, if you have any experience - and hopefully - a solution to the problem then please get in touch.

More interesting posts coming soon, including tales from my E8 hike and exciting planning for my next big adventure - CHINA!
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