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Saturday, 30 January 2016


Three weeks of holiday. YESSSS!
Tye, he never suffered from Freizeitstress.

And what am I going to do with it? NOTHING

Well, not nothing. Actually a punishing list of 'things I want to complete'.

And below is the list. My objective is to write a post approximately every day to update on progress. In doing so I will conquer my 'Freizeitstress' with a list. I will gain that sense of completion through Gamification. I will achieve through an imposed sense of collective judgement through publishing the details on the internet.

It all makes sense.

The List

  1. 'Complete' Fallout 4
  2. 'Complete Homeworld 1 and 2 HD editions
  3. Paint the remaining Raven Guard Warhammer 40k models
  4. Hang around the Games Workshop store like a nerd
  5. Go to 5 new museums or art galleries in Shanghai
  6. Gym every other day
  7. Plan teaching for the start of the new Semester. (TS unit, plus 1 week of Math + English)
  8. EPIC gaming session in Diablo 3
  9. Sort and take photos of Shanghai and other places
  10. Take care of the wife
  11. BONUS: Trip to Hangzhou
  12. DOUBLE BONUS: Keep this blog updated

So there you have it. Posts 
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