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Friday, 11 February 2011

Improving outcomes for children in care: ePolitix.com

I work within the Looked After Children's sector. And, if I am being candid (and also quite polite) the whole process of finding these young people a safe and secure place to live out their childhood is a mess.

This isn't new. The link below - a small article by Edward Timpson MP - restates this point, but with some key and quite shocking facts. More needs to be done, but until the whole of local government is reformed and improved I do not expect this to happen.

Improving outcomes for children in care: ePolitix.com

The facts are well known: In the UK, care-leavers are far more likely to end up long-term unemployed, with poorer mental and physical health, on drugs, on the streets, in jail, or as teenage parents than their peers.

A child in care will, on average, achieve a lower level of academic achievement than a child with Special Educational Needs.

Half of all prisoners under the age of 25 were in care, and half of all prostitutes have been in care.

The cost to the state of these scandalous statistics is estimated to be five times more than if a young person had left care with good mental health, stable and strong attachments, and qualifications. The cost to society is in many ways incalculable.


And no. Bernardo's and other such large 'charities' are not the answer.
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