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Sunday, 13 March 2011

King Blues, the Politics of Protest and the Homeless in Westminster.

Posted here as an alternative to pissing off a load of King Blues fans on the fan facebook page. Please ignore if you are not aware of the context. Apologies for some of the language.


Why do I fucking bother, I don't know. But for the sake of those who have any amount of open-mindedness left in these polemic times...

The tories aren't making it illegal to be poor and homeless, just that it is seen that it would be better to encourage the homeless to go to properly arranged locations for soup etc. so that they can take advantage of the support that these offer from social services etc. to actually bring these individuals away from the state they find themselves in... If that is indeed what they want.

I don't actually agree with the changes, BUT I can see the argument (I work within the care sector and see this sort of muddled thinking all the time). But get fed up with the empty and angry points made by you lot. (Condescending politics lesson-->) Politics is about finding the right path to the 'good life' for those people within the state. The 'state' has been agreed within society to now include EVERYONE within that society. There is no _politically_ defined exclusion within society any more (within the major 3 partys). The Torys are not evil, baby eating cunts. They just have alternative views how the world and country and society should be.

I would never say 'Get a job'. But I would say 'Get a Politic'. The politics of protest will only take our country further down the hole of failure that is our current path.

The Politics of Protest are nothing more than a void of anger and ignorance. This is not the sort of culture that could ever create success, prosperity and equality within a country.
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