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Monday, 27 January 2014

Thoughts on Writing

It seems daft to think that this is possible for me to do, but I am planning to write a book.

Nothing too adventurous... so to speak... but a short book or guide on my hike across Ireland on the E8. The idea being that I believe that the route is one that is worthy of information and support and that it would be an easy thing for me to write and self publish. This in turn would satisfy another need in my life at the moment that of self sufficiency.

Generating any amount of money from this project is never going to happen. It is simply a first toe-in-the-water exploration into a field that would suit my lifestyle at the moment. It would also develop my self confidence; to have completed not only a relatively strenuous hike solo and then to use the notes that I wrote on the hike to create something worth reading (even if it is for the tiniest of tiny audiences). Well that would be something worth doing. And things worth doing are things I need right now.

I plan to plan. That is, I am planning to do this by the numbers as much as possible. I will have as much of the book already worked out as I can before I actually go. Whilst on the hike I have a wonderful little notebook (pictured above) that was given to me as a gift. It contains plenty of room to scribble some thoughts along the way, but also helpful advice and inspirational countryside pencil sketches (by Wainwright) imbued with feelings of respect and the appreciation of beauty.

With notebook in hand I will seek out to create a guide. This guide will at the first be practical (because of the limitations of my writing ability), but perhaps, also include some reflections on the history and cultures of Ireland. It will be a 'how-to' but one (because of the difficulties of the route) that does not detract from the any sense of achievement that one might feel on achieving the day's goal.
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