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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Heads of State suck at giving presents… Apparently


From Paul Waugh’s blog.

Obama's bargain basement prezzie

So Gordon goes to all that trouble of getting an historic pen holder carved from the oak timbers of a Victorian anti-slavery ship. Carefully chosen and months in the preparation, the pen was finally handed over in Washington when the men met this week.

And what does Obama give him in return? A DVD collection of 25 classic American films.

The Pen holder was bad enough, but at least a little thought had gone into the blunt attempt at at apology for the years of slavery and Empire.

But really? A collection of 25 classic DvDs?! That's exactly the snub that political journalists were looking for from the whole trip but I doubt they will be able to make any play with it…. Its just too pathetic.

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