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Friday, 6 March 2009

Showing my colours…

Well colour. I think I have avoided doing much ‘party-politics’ on this blog, mostly because of a general lack of certainty on that point for quite a while. I always knew I was in some way right wing (please please PLEASE don’t read into that the wonderful way the left has turned the term to mean ‘right wing’ has become a racist, miner-hating, fox hunt loving twat), but never of which vain… Or indeed any.


Either way below you shall see a embedded chat with William Hague after the more recent PMQs where he stood in for David Cameron.

Interesting really.

I enjoyed it much more than I expected. Not so much the answers (they were much as you would expect) but the relaxed way in which he could in the same act talk about enjoying to some extend PMQs whilst discussing how Harriet Harman (and the rest of the Parliamentary Labour Party) are jockeying for position to be the next Leader.

It was a free discussion. Little stress it seemed to me – or indeed worry- that words would be taken out of context or indeed if they were that it would matter. A man, doing the job of taking the government to account, and I might add, doing it well.

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